Below are the questions I get asked most often about channeling. You are always welcome to contact me and ask one of your own!
What can I expect during a channeling?

When our call starts, we will chat a few minutes and I will answer any questions you have for me about our session. Then, I bring in the entities. To do that, I begin a process: placing the essence of me and my intellect/ego elsewhere; opening up a chakra; inviting them in.

They will begin to speak directly with you and respond to your questions (they are casual and have a great sense of humor!). They may suggest guidance on issues, work with your energy, point out an interfering past life. They will explain what they are doing, and will ask permission of you and your soul for any releases. After your questions are answered, they will hand the session back over to me.

How do I prepare for a channeling?

Make a list of your questions, and relax. That’s all! The session will be a good chat with friends.  As they often say, your questions don’t have to be “right” or “profound.” Just ask what is important to you.

I recommend you prepare 4-5 questions/topics for a full session and about 2 for the half session. This ensures that you are not rushed and The Sechallens can provide the complexity and depth of information you seek.

What kind of questions can I ask?

You can ask any question, on any topic (except for the below).

However, the entities don’t read your mind; they read the energy around your question. So, the more specific your question, the more the energy is specific, the more pertinent information you receive.

Is phone channeling as effective as in person?

Absolutely. You will feel their energy (if you wish) as though you were in the room with them.

Is there anything I can’t ask?

This is a good place to explain what my channeling is not.

That is best described by someone who was invited to one of my channeling events for the first time. She (now a close friend) later humorously wrote me, “I used to think that channeling was for ‘new-agey’ types who wanted to connect with loved ones who had passed away. I pictured a séance with a room full of loudly dressed ex-hippies wanting to make sure ‘Auntie Paulette got there OK’ and waiting for words of wisdom that the dying process brings…Clearly, I was wrong.”

  • Right….I don’t connect with loved ones passed over. There are excellent mediums who do this work. I can give you a reference if you want. Why? My channeling is centered on my client’s personal growth: how to be peacefully in the present. My channeling is grounded (no special rules or rituals).
  • Also, The Sechallens won’t answer questions on or diagnose medical issues (hey, I’m a lawyer!). However, they will respond to questions about what subconscious beliefs/events/emotions are associated with a medical condition, and ways to energetically heal.
  • They won’t predict the future. We humans have free choice, and can change our course at any time. However, they will give you percentages based on the energy lines they perceive around the question.
  • The Sechallens will only answer questions about others if they perceive that that person gave permission (from a soul perspective) and the answer is relevant to the client.
Who are the entities?

The Sechallens

I am honored to channel a group called The Sechallens. They are a subgroup of the elite MahlayEndres. In new agey terms, they would all be called “ascended masters” for their evolutionary status. But, they don’t use that label. They are quite fine with humorously being called “spooks” (my mentor’s affectionate term for them).

The Sechallens appeared to me as a group for the first time in Spring, 2018. When they speak as a group, they will alternate between “we” for the group speaking, or “I” if one of the group is giving their viewpoint.  They share their direct, but gentle, wisdom as your intimate friend.

They are also my dear soulful friends who support and love me, unconditionally. And they also love you unconditionally.  Take a moment to breathe and feel their loving presence in your life.

The individual entities I have channeled over the years, all part of The Sechallens, still appear as themselves with their delightful personas.

They are listed below, in descending order of when they announced themselves to me.


Charis (pronounced “Charisse”) appeared to me one night in 2013 as I was taking a bath with a glass of wine in my hand. Of course. She is an outspoken advocate of women’s empowerment and delight. It was she who told me about we women dancing around the fire over the centuries.

She is forthright and encouraging of women expressing their needs, wants, desires AND power. Charis danced on earth for centuries, and now dances wildly in the universe and in our lives. Charis is the Greek term for any of three goddesses of charm, beauty, nature, human creativity, and fertility, together known as the Charites or Graces.


Perseon is the most well-known to clients of the entities I channel. Gwaun and Eirene (below) introduced me to him in October, 2006. He is known for “getting to the point” with direct answers and information about self-knowledge and personal growth. His sense of humor is engaging. And, he carries on the MahlayEndres’ joy of drinking wine, “the ascended grape.” Perseon lived in 4th century B.C., in Greece, and was a scholar and a warrior.


I channeled Tsay-sun (pronounced Shay-sun) for a short time prior to meeting Perseon. Tsay-sun is an ancient Chinese trainer of warriors. He summed up his experience with those men in this soundbite when speaking to my mentor: On the battlefield, “Those that believed in themselves lived; those that believed in fate met their fate.”


Gwaun introduced himself to me in the fall of 2003. He is a delightful being with a dry sense of humor. He dispenses his wisdom and guidance with clarity and warmth. On earth, he was a Chinese philosopher with many degrees who saw the futility of learning about the universe before learning about self. Self-knowledge is paramount with Gwaun.


Eirene (pronounced a-rain-a) introduced herself to me in 1997 and was the first entity I channeled. She is the ultimate balance of feminine and male energies and is known for her uplifting and comforting messages. “Eirene” is the classical Greek word for “peace.”

Eirene last lived in 3d century B.C. Greece. She was a healer in that lifetime, and was my mother (I found this out when my mentor Guylaine channeled her for me). She excels at loving guidance and gentle practical methods to achieve what you want.

Any questions? Let me know!