The story of “Dancing Around the Fire”

One candlelit night, a few years ago, I was channeling Charis (pronounced Char-isse) for friends. A usual question was asked: what steps can we take to better care for ourselves, as women?

Charis took us on a journey to the time when we worked in our female roles in the village, tending to our families, our animals, our crops. Our jobs were to make sure others survived.

Once in a while, often with a full moon, we women joined our sisters, lovingly called sisterinas by Charis, and walked out of the village for a night. On the outskirts of town, we built a roaring fire. Then we danced around the fire. And joyously danced all night.

The fire represents Soul, Source.

We were free. Free to be authentic. Free to care for ourselves and our needs.

We supported each other’s being-ness and choices, no matter what they were.

We released, with joy, the bonds of the village.

We celebrated ourselves, each alone and together, and discovered immeasurable peace. And self-love.

We took that dancing, that fire, back to the village, as we chose to continue our roles, from a place of choice, not obligation.

You may resonate with this story. You may even have a faint memory of those times. The story may bring you feelings of joy, of possibility.

If so, welcome home. Welcome to Dancing Around the Fire. For you.

Dancing Around the Fire’s services have one focus: You

You, my clients and readers, are women who have put others first all their lives and are flat out tired. And over it.

You admit you have awesome skills, except in caring for you.

You want more. You want to find a way to put yourselves, your desires, your dreams first. A way to reignite your soulful identity outside of the roles of serving others.

But, you may be uncertain what concrete steps to take, or even whether it is okay to change.

I will partner with you to assist you in lovingly remembering, at a soul level, what matters to you.

And how to take your graceful dance to reclaim and love the empowered, radiant, strong woman waiting within.

My channeling, mentoring and healing services provide you with down to earth, authentic, soulful yet mappable, results-oriented steps to living your fulfilling life.

My Passion
I am Carol Clokey, a channeler, mentor and healer.

My joy is channeling, mentoring and energy healing. I love partnering with sisterinas like you who are on a journey of self-discovery.  I am passionate about personal growth and potential within each of us…finding the shining gold seeds of Source in everyone.

I look forward to walking, and dancing, with you.

My Journey
I have been on a journey of personal discovery since my teens, growing up outside Philadelphia. I loved reading, every minute I could. I found and resonated with sparkling worlds of spirituality, soulfulness, and possibilities. I hid my blossoming psychic abilities from everyone.

When I dutifully decided to attend law school, I chose Duke University with something important in mind: J.B. Rhine (the father of parapsychology and who coined the term “ESP”) had his center on campus.

After years of practicing law in DC, VA, and PA, I moved to Florida. There I met and began a 20-year journey of mentorship (while continuing to practice law) under James and Guylaine Tolchard, the pioneers of Processology ™.

Why Processology?
Because Processology, plus my intent, changed my life.

And you can change yours, no matter what you are experiencing. I can show you how.

As for me, I struggled daily for 15 years with clinical depression. What was behind the depression?

In my mid-twenties, practicing law in Washington, DC, I was kidnapped, raped, strangled and smothered. I survived, but became severely depressed.

I became a pro at hiding the pain and depression from family and friends. Therapy, hospitalizations, and medications helped, but didn’t cure. I continued to practice law, acting the part every day for 15 years.

Then, I met James and Guylaine Tolchard — and Processology. In only six weeks I was free of depression, and meds. With ease and grace, I learned how to remove the underlying reasons for the depression. I freed myself to live a vibrant life.

Processology is all about results. I wanted to learn the techniques of Processology, for myself — and you. And I did. I trained with the Tolchards for 20 years, becoming a Practitioner of Processology – with Master, Elite, Channeling and Mentoring certification.

My life changed beautifully. I took directorship of my life.

Your life can change beautifully. You can take directorship of your life.

I’d love to share the tools of Processology with you.


Channeling, Mentoring and Healing
The Tolchards were also experts on conscious, integrated channeling, and energy healing. I am eternally grateful that they accepted me for private mentoring in the profound skills of channeling and energy work.

I began to channel professionally in 1997. I’ve been mentoring and using energy healing since 2007, with international clients from all walks of life.

Why work with me?
My mission is to supply you with beautiful, effective tools and knowledge to live your fulfilled life.

And always with ease and grace.

I have well-honed skills to assist you in the journey you choose.

I’ve been through pain and struggle, so I get it.  We all have different stories, of equal importance.

I’m here.  I’ll listen to you.  You have a lot to say and you haven’t been heard, ever.

We will be authentic with each other because I’m real, and so are you.

I will partner with you, using all my resources, to get you where you want to go.

It’s time for you. Just you.


The Law Years:

Wittenberg University, B.A. English

Duke University School of Law, J.D.

Attorney, practicing in Washington, DC, VA and PA.

Most recently, manager in a Fortune 300 company.


The Passion Years:

Processology Institute:

Studied 20 years with the Tolchards in Channeling, Mentoring and Energy

Certificates: Master, Elite, Channeling, Mentoring

Notable Experience/Training/Workshops: John of God; Adam McLeod; Lazaris; Ramtha; Rosalyn Bruyere; Abraham-Hicks; Joe Dispenza; James van Praagh; Christiane Northrup; Wayne Dyer

Professional Channeler since 1997

For books and other inspirational resources, please see Inspiration.

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