How to Enjoy Your Evening Wine Without Guilt

Sep 26, 2018 | Joyous, Practical Living

I took another gulp of my Malbec and sighed, “Oh, what a crappy day. I soooo needed this wine.”

My friend Jane, sitting across from me in the quiet bistro, nodded and smiled. Then, moving the salt and pepper to one side, she leaned forward.

Gently, but intently, she asked, “When was the last time you drank wine for pleasure?”  Now, Jane was French Canadian and pretty much everything was a sensory experience for her. But, I couldn’t dismiss her point. I knew that no matter how Jane’s day unfolded, she sipped her wine for pure enjoyment.

I was drinking wine out of habit, to unwind. I needed it. I deserved it. Yet I had been feeling guilty about it, because it was a nightly event and I was worried I was dependent on it.

We women are used to taking care of everyone but ourselves.  So, that glass of wine, or two, is what we grant ourselves to make up for all we did for/put up with from others that day.

I wanted quit feeling guilty and I wanted to enjoy my wine…and me!

Maybe you do, too?

Let’s turn this habit from a need (and accompanying guilt) to a sensory experience (pure pleasure).

Here we go.

Prepare Your Moment

Set the time, as though you are meeting a dear friend.

Set the stage for your visit with your friend.

Turn the computer and phone and TV off, don’t read. Turn on music if you want. If you share your house with significant others or children, find a space for yourself where you can sit quietly and comfortably.

Dim the lights.  If you enjoy candles, light one.

Then, slowly, mindfully, greet your friend…you.

Open the bottle and gently pour the wine in your glass.

Relax Into the Moment

Before you taste the wine, sit in your comfortable place (no standing at your kitchen counter!)

Feel your body in your seat, breathe deeply. Give yourself a hug.

Now, and only now, prepare to take your first sip. Partner with any kind of sensory experience you choose. Here are some suggestions:

  • Hold the glass in your hands, deeply see the living wine’s color, or its sparkle in the light.
  • Swirl the wine, deeply breathe its scent.
  • Sip the wine, and thank it for providing you pleasure and sustenance.
  • Slowly savor the depths of the wine, as though you were tasting wine for the first time. Notice the flavors.
  • Visualize you in a favorite place: the beach, the woods, somewhere relaxing, and toast to yourself.
  • Give gratitude to the sun shining on the vineyard, the grapes that blossomed to make the wine, the beautiful rain that nourished the grapes.
  • Feel your whole body’s response to the wine, starting with your lips.
  • Just enjoy yourself and the moment.


Reframing Your Wine Tasting Experience

Your experience is now truly about yourself, not putting a band-aid on the wounds of your day.

When you take the time to celebrate your wine, or anything, with pleasure, you celebrate you.  And if you just “need” a glass sometimes, forgive yourself.  That’s the whole point.

It’s all about taking care of you.

Toast to yourself and enjoy!

With love and respect,


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