How to Connect with You, Your Soul and Source, Effortlessly

Sep 26, 2018 | Channeled Texts

It often seems like a big leap to connect with your Self, then Soul, let alone Source. There are centuries’ worth of philosophies, religions, and writings devoted to finding the correct path.

Intent and Focus

However, my mentors taught me that connecting to Soul, Self and Source is as simple as intent and focus.

Here is one way.

Years ago, the MalayEndres (loving entities) gifted the below mantra to the world through my mentors, James and Guylaine Tolchard. James tweaked it a bit.

Today, I’m sharing this mantra, so precious to me, with each of you.

Prepare for your experience.

Sit in a quiet place, center and breathe deeply.

Put all your internal skeptical voices into an imaginary safe, and spin the lock.

Begin the experience.

As you read the below words, breathe deeply into each word.

Feel each word.

With each word, connect with the essence of You.

Connect with your Soul (trust that you are connecting).

Connect with Source (trust that you are connecting).

Most of all, appreciate you and your being-ness.

Breathe………and take your time.

Feel the support of the MalayEndres, the Sechallens, and your guides as you take these words deep within:



That I Am

Source of Light

That I Am

Source of Joy

That I Am

Source of Love

That I Am

Source of Peace, Tranquility,

Ease and Grace

That I Am

That You Are

That We Are

The Source

~James Tolchard’s version of The MahlayEndres’s mantra,

as channeled by Guylaine Tolchard


With love and respect,

Carol (and the Sechallens)

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