It’s time for you.

Just you.


The Fire’s Call: 7 Ways to Reignite Your Precious Life!

Dear Friend,

You’ve spent countless years taking care of everyone else. You feel exhausted, drained. You wonder what happened to your once shining dreams, where all the years went. You’re not sure if you know the real you hiding behind the never-ending role of handling it all.


Deep down, you know it is time to take care of you.

You yearn to live joyfully, follow your deepest truth. Finally. But, how? Without nagging guilt? Without letting others down? There is a path…. to you giving yourself permission to live your life.

You are not alone. I am here for you.


I am Carol Clokey, a Channeler, Mentor and Healer. Hand me your heartfelt pain, your struggle, your loneliness. Whisper to me of your secret garden of dreams, unveil your heart’s longing. And we will journey together, with ease and grace, as you reclaim your precious connection to self, your radiant power.


Who will you be when you are Dancing Around the Fire?

Carol Clokey – Channeler, Mentor & Healer

Dancing Around the Fire is a state of being, intimately connecting to Source and Self. It’s dancing, loving yourself, living your life for you. It’s celebrating your spirit, your freedom. It’s joining your sisterinas, each dancing your own dance around the fire.

You matter.

It’s time for you. Just you.

Let’s start.

With respect and love for your beautiful beingness,


D.G., MD

In just one session with Carol, my debilitating childhood trauma was healed. Just one session changed my life. Forever.

Jeff and Susan Richards, Del Mar, CA

Carol has been a great source of guidance for us through her channeling for many years now. When we first met Carol, she was channeling Eirene, a beautiful spirit. We have also been speaking with another entity, Perseon, for quite some time now. His insights have been invaluable to us in many areas of our lives. The most important area for us involves our relationships, whether it is with ourselves or with other people. Perseon’s insights are always spot on and have helped us tremendously in our dealings with the outside world. We highly recommend Carol and her services.

Carolyn McGinn

I met Carol Clokey in 2005. A mutual friend invited me attend a channeling. I was blown away. Since then I have attended group channelings, had private channelings, and have experienced Carol’s energy healing. Chatting with The Sechallens is like sitting down with a wise, trusted friend who knows you like no one else does. Their insightful advice has assisted me in building a business, deepening my relationships, and bringing so much joy into my life. I continue to draw on their caring wisdom whenever I want a shoulder to lean on, I want a fresh perspective, or when I’m ready to tackle those blind spots (limiting beliefs) that stand in the way of what I want for myself and my life. Thank you, Carol and Sechallens for all you add to my life!

Dee Kimbrell, Educational Play Specialist and Teaching Artist

I have benefited from Carol Clokey’s channeling abilities for 15 years.  I have appreciated the gentle and generous assistance from Perseon and more recently, Charis. Their insight has helped me to understand the bigger picture of global shifts in these changing times and more specifically how these changes are affecting me personally.  Perseon and Charis have given me wise and sometimes even humorous counsel in how to make changes with ease.  I highly recommend using Carol’s services.

Carlie Trueman, Retired Judge, Vancouver, B.C.

Carol is by far the best channeler I have ever seen and Perseon is quite lovely, wise, and funny.

Patty Marr, Life Coach

Thank you so much for channeling for us!  It was an unexpected delight! I have never had an experience like that before and I’ve been thinking about it a lot. It has given me clarity and a strategy to use going forward that will help me navigate and better enjoy this earthly life.

Your Journey to Dancing Around the Fire


Connecting with wise, loving beings for soulful, straight answers to your deepest questions (and connect with your guides as well)


Learning graceful, sustainable tools of personal growth to manifest what you decide


Engaging your energy systems to beautifully support you on all levels of your journey

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The Fire’s Call: 7 Ways to Reignite Your Precious Life!